Dein Tesla Guide für alle offenen Fragen

Your Tesla Guide for all open questions by TESSI

Das TESSI Team hat einen Tesla Guide zusammengestellt, damit alle offenen Fragen sofort beantwortet werden können. Dieser Tesla Guide beschäftigt sich mit dem gesamten Bestellprozess.
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The TESSI team has put together a Tesla Guide so that all open questions can be answered immediately.

This Tesla Guide deals with the entire ordering process and the different configurations.

Unresolved questions during delivery, such as "VIN allocation" and "where does my car actually come from", are explained to you in detail.

In the guide we have included all the details known from the research by Marian (YouTube TeslaMag/Tessi-Supply) and customers.

So you're up to date and the guide will be updated immediately if there are any changes.

So that you can get an impression of what to expect, we'll answer the questions directly here:

Where does my Tesla Model 3 actually come from?

If you ordered a Tesla Model 3, it will come from the Tesla factory in Shanghai.

This will only change for European customers in 2024, when the visible expansion in Grünheide also applies to the Tesla Model 3.

Where does the Tesla Model Y actually come from?

The Model Y Performance is currently coming from Grünheide and the Model Y Standard Range variant from the factory in China. With the Model Y LR variant, the different configurations also come from different countries. The red and blue colors come from China.

It is always important to understand that Tesla is constantly changing due to the Grünheide factory and that things can change very quickly, especially with the Model Y variant.

If you liked this initial information, please click on the link below and visit our full guide, which you can also download directly.

We hope that we have created a nice companion path for you.

If you have any further questions/suggestions, please contact us directly via our contact email:

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