Spray seal lacquer GYEON Q² One EVO 200 ml
Spray seal lacquer GYEON Q² One EVO 200 ml
Spray seal lacquer GYEON Q² One EVO 200 ml

Spray seal lacquer GYEON Q² One EVO 200 ml

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Spray sealant varnish GYEON Q² One EVO 200 ml


After two years of intensive research and development, it was time to boost the Gyeon coating spectrum to a new level: through technological advances in the chemical group of polysilazanes, Gyeon has succeeded in almost doubling the service life as well as that To drastically simplify application behavior once again: the application or removal window has been extended enormously with the new recipes.

What's more: all new coatings in the EVO version no longer require a 2-layer application, but only a single layer, and what's more, they can even be applied outside in the fresh air; a garage is no longer a mandatory requirement for this. The only thing to ensure is a dry place for the next 12 hours and some shade for the application.

The legendary Q² CanCoat EVO is the easiest entry into the world of ceramic coatings. This easy-to-apply spray sealer creates a richer color tone, boosts shine and adds depth to the paintwork. After the drying time, the product leaves an absolutely smooth protective layer that will impress you.

Q² CanCoat EVO provides car paints with protection against UV radiation, harsh chemicals, bird droppings, road salt and oxidation. It retains its water-repellent and self-cleaning properties for up to 12 months or 12,000 km.

Simply spray onto the enclosed microfibre cloth and apply to the paintwork until it has a high gloss - using Q² CanCoat EVO is that easy! It is an extraordinarily durable silicon-based sealant, conveniently packaged in a pump spray bottle and can be used on almost any surface: paintwork, metal, vinyl/foil, plastic, carbon. It is just as effective as a stand-alone sealant or as a topping over an existing coating.

  • Service life: up to 12 months/12tkm
  • Consumption: 30ml/vehicle

    Scope of delivery:

    • 1 piece GYEON Q² CanCoat EVO 200ml
    • 3 pieces of GYEON spray heads
    • 1 piece GYEON microfiber polishing cloth 40cm x 40cm

    Delivery quantity: 200ml

    Fits: Tesla Model 3/Y

    Processing Notes:

    The better the surface is prepared, the better the result in terms of gloss, service life and beading effect.

    • Thorough prewash and decontamination with Q²M Foam, Q²M Tar, Q²M Iron, Q²M Clay
    • Polish all painted surfaces to a high gloss with Q²M Polish and, if necessary, Q² Primer
    • Wash vehicle with strong degreasing detergent, e.g. dishwashing liquid and hot water.
    • Remove all dirt, wax and oily polish residues with Q²M Prep (IPA alone is not enough)
    • Shake the bottle, apply one or two sprays of Q² Cancoat onto the enclosed microfiber cloth
    • Distribute the product evenly over the paintwork, always only working on smaller areas
    • After 10-30 seconds, follow up with another soft microfiber cloth to polish off any excess

    Difficulty: Very Easy


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