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Why you should buy a Tesla & how it works.

Have you always wanted to buy an electric car? Or have you already thought about buying a Tesla as your next car? Then you are right here. We explain in detail why you should buy a Tesla and how it works. We will discuss the following points as follows Why you should buy a Tesla Is it the right time for a new Tesla? Where can I buy a Tesla Is Tesla worth the money? What are the problems with a Tesla Why should you buy a Tesla There are many reasons to buy a Tesla. Of course, the main focus is on becoming part of the movement with an electric car, which sees no future in combustion engines. Sustainability:...

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Your Tesla Guide for all open questions by TESSI

The TESSI team has put together a Tesla Guide so that all open questions can be answered immediately. This Tesla Guide deals with the entire ordering process and the different configurations. Unresolved questions during delivery, such as "VIN allocation" and "where does my car actually come from", are explained to you in detail. In the guide we have included all the details known from the research by Marian (YouTube TeslaMag/Tessi-Supply) and customers. So you're up to date and the guide will be updated immediately if there are any changes. So that you can get an impression of what to expect, we'll answer the questions directly here: Where does my Tesla Model 3 actually come from? If you ordered a Tesla...

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