Tesla Vision Update

Tesla Vision Update - A solution for the parking sensors is imminent

Erfahre alles über das bevorstehende Tesla Vision Update für die Parksensoren. Der Artikel erklärt, wer das Update erhält und was es für dich bedeutet.
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In the last few months, parking sensors have been a dominant topic. Now there are first signs that a solution is on the way. For European customers, however, there is still no certainty as to when the update will come exactly.

Who gets the update?

At this moment, the update is being rolled out to FSD Beta users in the US. It is a well-known way for Tesla to roll out a software update piecemeal. It is not yet clear when the software update will be available for us in Europe. A logical step would be testing in a small group of users and then rolling it out among all FSD beta users who do not have parking sensors. After that, it can be assumed that Tesla will make the software update available to all owners who do not have parking sensors.

What does it mean for customers who have parking sensors?

If you own a Tesla that still has parking sensors, you can lean back. There are still no signs that Tesla will intervene here. That wouldn't be a wise decision either, and it would antagonize the clientele.

What will the update look like?

In the future, the software update will not only replace the front and rear sensors, but also detect objects/distances on the sides. What a solution looks like with the one in the front area is still open. What is definitely interesting is the large spacing of the line at the top. This could indicate that you get a "STOP" displayed earlier than with the USS. Whether this comes true remains to be seen.

As soon as the first practical tests take place and there are more details, there will be another update.

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