GHG Quota 2023 total 323€ from Tessi-supply

Would you like to redeem the GHG quota for 2023 and get €323 immediately?. Then there is the possibility to do this directly on Tessi-Supply. How this all works exactly and what the GHG quota actually is, we explain to you as follows.

What is the GHG quota

The GHG quota is a so-called greenhouse gas reduction quota and is used to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, especially in the transport sector. Companies that emit a lot of CO2 are forced to reduce their negative contribution by a fixed percentage through the quota. If the companies do not reach this quota, they have to pay penalties. You can find more information directly on the website of the Environmental Agency

How can I redeem my GHG quota?

You simply have to go to our website and upload your information directly.

We have specially created a very simple and accessible form so that all you have to do is enter the data quickly.

After uploading and submitting the GHG quota, you can buy directly from Tessi-Supply. It is important that the same email is used when purchasing, as when applying for the GHG quota.

The total GHG quota is €323, so you can freely choose from the Tesla accessories products in our shop. The only condition is a minimum shopping cart of 323€

Which products can I select?

All products in our shop are compatible with the GHG quota and the 323€. It is possible to choose freely from our Tesla accessories.

The screen protectors or the real carbon dashboard are very popular with our customers. The GHG quota makes it possible to get high-quality Tesla accessories at a very reasonable price.

How do I get my quota?

After the purchase is completed in our shop, we will review the application. We will credit the €323 back to you within 2 working days. It should be noted, as described in the declaration on our website, that the order may not be placed by bank transfer.

The quick reimbursement of the quota and the offsetting against the purchase of the products creates a flowing process that does not involve long waiting times and at the same time upgrades your Tesla with high-quality accessories.

I still have unanswered questions

There is the possibility of direct contact. For this purpose please use the email: we hope to be able to help with open questions.

We are looking forward to shopping in our shop and are confident that we are offering an unbeatable offer that will upgrade your Tesla for the future and make driving even more fun.

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