TESSI GHG Quota Special

You can redeem your GHG quota with us and receive goods with a
value of €323 (2023) free of charge (ONLY VALID FOR GERMANY). Combination with 15% discount Bundle is possible.
How does it work? Duration 2-3 minutes.
1. Fill out the form below and hereby assign your quota to us.
2. Order products worth min. 323€ and choose a payment method such as B. Paypal and credit card All payment methods are possible except bank transfer.
3. We will refund you the 323€ in 48 hours.
3a. You haven't registered your Tesla yet? No problem please pay for your order. After you have registered your vehicle, we will refund you the 323€ within 48 hours after registering in the form below. When ordering, please state in the comments that the quota will be assigned afterwards.

You have free product choice in our shop and can choose the
products that really suit you.



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