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Family business - Mobility is in our blood - Ever since the wagon wheel and now in the fourth generation.

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Tires Schmid

In the wainwright's workshop founded by August Schmid in 1919, people remained true to the craft of wainwrights well into the 1950s. His son Gottfried still learned the traditional wheelwright's trade in the company, but the demand for classic wooden wheels fell, and at the same time more and more automobiles with rubber tires joined the orders. August Schmid and son reacted and expanded their field of knowledge and the services offered to the successor of the wooden wheels.

Today, Reifen Schmid is trying to manage its operations with 100% renewable energies and has been using several photovoltaic systems since the early 2000s and a large battery buffer storage since 2014.

Mini Camper-24

Mini-Camper-24 offers the possibility to purchase or rent small, streamlined and light caravans. This makes camping holidays a great experience, even with an e-car.

TFF forum

Together with the TFF Forum, we are interested in promoting and further developing Co2 neutral mobility. We are the official sponsor of the TFF Forum and are on hand to offer advice and support to the members. Feel free to visit the forum directly:

Tesla Club Austria

Together with the Tesla Club Austria, we are interested in promoting and further developing CO2-neutral mobility. We are the official sponsor of the TCA Club and are there to help and advise the members.

Feel free to drop by the club:

Rental tesla

Are you looking for an unforgettable Tesla gift for your friends? Our partner offers vouchers for a very special experience, whether Model S, 3 or X.