Tesla Model 3 sill paint protection film large
Tesla Model 3 sill paint protection film large
Tesla Model 3 sill paint protection film large
Tesla Model 3 sill paint protection film large
Tesla Model 3 sill paint protection film large

Tesla Model 3 sill paint protection film large

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Tesla Model 3 sill protective film

  • including squeegee
  • cheaper than when ordered individually
  • Protects the complete side skirts and the rear wheel arches
  • Protection against dirt, especially in winter (grit, salt, snow)
  • Easy installation even without prior knowledge
  • Pre-cut, transparent protective film for self-installation

Transparent protection from the side for your model 3:

The sill protective film contains 2 individual products and consists of a total of 10 parts. You will also receive a squeegee for assembly. The entire side skirts and the area behind the wheel housing are protected. The film protects the entire entry side from the lower edge of the sill to the bending edge on the doors.

Especially rain, snowfall and salt scattering have a strong polluting effect on the side of your Tesla. The paintwork can also be easily damaged by loose chips. But thanks to the foil, you can easily clean your car again without fear of scratches. The film offers comprehensive protection against all kinds of environmental influences that affect the vehicle when it is stationary or driving.

Applying the whole set takes about 1 hour, but four hands are known to work faster. For the best possible result, be sure to plan enough time and use a squeegee for precise assembly!

Application/Product Notes

Application Note

The surface to be glued must be free of dust, grease or other contaminants that could impair the adhesive strength of the material. New paintwork must be dry or fully cured for at least three weeks. Wet bonding is recommended. We recommend a detergent-water mixture, which should also be tested on the paint beforehand. The minimum shelf life of the film is only intended as a guideline, but does not constitute a guarantee, as we have no influence on the installation and the circumstances.

Product notice

To determine compatibility, application tests must be carried out with the intended paint. Furthermore, the processing instructions issued by ORAFOL must be observed. We carefully inspect the goods we source from ORAFOL, but we have no control over the quality of the products. We can only respond to defects that are reported immediately, such as production errors or the delivery of incorrect parts.

Important notice

According to the manufacturer, all ORAGUARD® products are subject to careful quality control throughout the entire manufacturing process. ORAGUARD® guarantees that the products will be delivered in merchantable quality and free from manufacturing defects. The information published about ORAGUARD® products is based on research that the company believes to be reliable, but does not constitute a guarantee. The buyer bears all risks resulting from the use of these products. All information is subject to change.


Processing instructions

Product description

Suitable for all Tesla Model 3 series



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