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5 reasons to buy an electric car in 2023

Ein Elektroauto zu besitzen, bietet viele Vorteile im Vergleich zu einem Fahrzeug mit Verbrennungsmotor. Im folgenden Artikel beleuchten wir einige Punkte, die für das Elektroauto sprechen.
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Owning an electric car offers many advantages compared to a vehicle with a combustion engine. As follows, we will highlight a few points that speak in favor of the electric car.

  1. Environmentally friendly: Electric cars have no exhaust emissions and are therefore more environmentally friendly than vehicles with internal combustion engines. They thus contribute to the reduction of air pollution. Of course, it should be noted that there is still progress to be made in the battery supply chain. Of course, this process is not yet as sustainable as it will be in the future. The subject of recycling will play a major role in this. Another aspect of environmental friendliness is the use of green electricity. Here, the sustainable aspect differs from country to country. In principle, however, the electric car is more environmentally friendly than a combustion engine car over its entire service life.

  2. Low running costs: Compared to vehicles with internal combustion engines, the running costs of electric cars are significantly lower. This is because electric cars require less maintenance and charging is usually cheaper compared to filling up. There are of course exceptions that can happen due to events in the world. In 2022, electricity prices have increased significantly. When it comes to operating costs, you have an advantage if you have a photovoltaic system or a cheap electricity tariff from home. The public charging prices in Germany, on the other hand, have risen significantly in the meantime.

  3. Quiet and comfortable: Electric cars tend to be quieter than internal combustion engine vehicles and therefore offer a smoother ride. Furthermore, you get the latest technology in which the car manufacturers are currently investing.

  4. Government subsidy: In many countries there are subsidies for the purchase of electric cars, such as tax breaks or grants. This can help reduce acquisition costs. In Germany, the subsidy will decrease compared to 2022, but it can be assumed that the demand for electric cars will continue. In a few years, however, there will be no more funding. Therefore, you should consider whether you should not switch promptly if funding is important to you.

  5. Fun driving: Many who have not yet driven an electric car may not believe it, driving fun is not neglected. Even at charging stations you can meet nice people and have conversations. These are all aspects that make driving an electric car even more enjoyable.

Of course there are still disadvantages. Many good electric cars are still expensive and not affordable for everyone. However, this will change in the next few years due to better production and lower costs. In China, BYD is already showing the first signs of what can be achieved when cheap electric cars are sold.

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