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Should you buy a Tesla used?

Das Interesse an Elektroautos steigt von Jahr zu Jahr. Daher kommt immer wieder die Frage auf, ob man einen Tesla gebraucht oder neu kaufen sollte?

People are increasingly interested in electric cars, so the question arises, should you buy a Tesla new or used?.

We get to the bottom of this question and shed light on various aspects that speak for and against it.

Gain experience

If you are new to the subject of electric cars, then you quickly realize that there are currently still many models that are in a very high price range, this is partly due to the new technology and the associated costs and the Bottlenecks in the supply chain in the last two years.

Electric cars are evolving fast and buying a used Tesla at the right price could be a good way to get a first taste of electric mobility.

Tesla always has the current available stock here on its website, this also applies to used cars. Of course there are other platforms as well. Depending on the age of the car and the kilometers driven, you can get a very good price that is far below the current retail price.

Technology is evolving

Are you waiting for the latest technology?. Then I have to disappoint them - at least for the Tesla brand, there will not be a perfect time. Nevertheless, you can of course define certain key data if you have the time.

When buying a used Tesla, it is recommended to drive it for another 2-3 years and then switch to a new Tesla. A major update for the Tesla Model 3 is expected at the end of 2023. By 2025 at the latest, maybe even earlier, you can expect a smaller, compact Tesla.

If you cannot wait for a new car, then it is advisable to switch to a used one if the current new car prices are still too high.

Battery performance & features

Tesla cars are generally known to perform well for a long time. The battery pack also matters a little here, but a car with 50k kilometers should normally still work perfectly.

Of course, the equipment of a Tesla can already look a little worn after a certain amount of use. But that doesn't mean that you can't do anything.

Tessi-Supply is a leader in the field of Tesla accessories and enables you to equip your used Tesla for a fair price, so that a breath of fresh air comes into the car. We even have real carbon products on offer. These cover the door moldings and dashboard, giving a much more premium feel to the car. If you visit us via the following link you can get an unbeatable discount with 5 products.


There will always be two groups of customers, if you belong to the group of new cars and are not available for a used Tesla, then you can't go wrong with Tesla as a new car. However, please note possible updates for the Tesla Model 3.

If you are not yet 100% sure whether you want to drive a Tesla in the long term and want to give this brand a chance for 2-3 years, then it makes sense to buy a used Tesla.

Please note that the recommendations above relate primarily to the Model 3, which is currently Tesla's cheapest car in the standard variant and 491 WLTP.

If you have any questions about Tesla accessories or if we have aroused your interest, please contact us directly at info@tessi-supply.com

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