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Why you should buy a Tesla & how it works.

Warum einen Tesla kaufen? Ist es der richtige Zeitpunkt? Wo und wie kaufe ich einen Tesla? Ist Tesla sein Geld wert? Wir erklären die Gründe, die Nachhaltigkeit, Software, Ladenetzwerk und Effizienz.

Have you always wanted to buy an electric car? Or have you already thought about buying a Tesla as your next car? Then you are right here. We explain in detail why you should buy a Tesla and how it works.

We will discuss the following points as follows

  1. Why you should buy a Tesla
  2. Is it the right time for a new Tesla?
  3. Where can I buy a Tesla
  4. Is Tesla worth the money?
  5. What are the problems with a Tesla

Why should you buy a Tesla

There are many reasons to buy a Tesla. Of course, the main focus is on becoming part of the movement with an electric car, which sees no future in combustion engines.

Sustainability: Electric cars are already more environmentally friendly than combustion engines, and standards and technologies are still being worked on to make battery production even more environmentally friendly.

Software: When you buy a Tesla, you get the latest automotive technology and software. This may not be perfect in individual parts, but Tesla convinces with constant software updates, which can be downloaded perfectly compared to competing car brands.

Charging network: A Tesla has access to one of the largest charging networks in the world. This works almost flawlessly and makes long-distance travel very pleasant. You won't find stories of non-working charging stations with Tesla's superchargers. Furthermore, the Tesla car is perfectly adapted to these charging stations.

Efficiency: The crucial question is not how far a Tesla can go. Other car manufacturers are trying to win customers with larger battery packs and range, but this does not correspond to the spirit of electromobility. In the end, it is about consumption and how effectively a car manufacturer can use the batteries. Tesla is the leader here when it comes to consumption. Please note that it always depends on the individual driving style, but this applies to all cars and drive types.

Selection: Some customers like a configurator with 300 options. When you buy a Tesla, you can do it in minutes. Tesla has perfected keeping the selection as simple as possible. This is not something for every customer, but in the end it is also more sustainable because it does not require incredibly large supply chains. If you buy a Tesla and want to customize it with accessories at a fair price, then please visit our shop. We have years of experience and are leaders in German-speaking countries.

Is it the right time to buy a Tesla?

There is never a perfect time to buy a product that is evolving as fast as a Tesla.

The early days in the smartphone business showed how quickly companies have developed, how much better the graphics - battery - camera has become within a few years. Exactly the same is happening in the electric car sector. The advantage of buying a Tesla is that most of the new features come with a software update. So it will be 3-4 years before Tesla might install a new battery.

Model 3 Refresh: This brings us straight to the important and crucial point. Tesla is about to present an update for its Model 3 this year. A new battery could be integrated here. That's why we advise you not to buy a Tesla Model 3 at this moment.

Battery: When it comes to the Tesla Model Y, we assume that the new battery packs (4680 version) will be installed in the Model Y by the end of 2023. However, we advise against waiting here. Even if production begins, it will be some time before a significant amount goes into Model Y variants. Another aspect is that it is not yet certain which variant will get this new battery.

Parking sensors: If it is important to you to have parking sensors in your car, resp. a function that is similar and fulfills the purpose when parking, then we have to wait and see. Tesla removed the sensors without further ado last year. At this moment, no Tesla variant includes a function that shows you the distances when parking. For some customers this is not a problem, others insist on it. That's why you have to make your own decision about how important this topic is to you. It is expected that Tesla will present a software update with a solution. However, the time for this is not yet clear.

Where can I buy a Tesla?

It is possible to buy a Tesla directly on the Tesla website. The well-known car dealerships in the form you are familiar with from other car brands do not exist. What Tesla offers are so-called "showrooms" in which you have the opportunity to look at cars and, depending on the location, book a test drive.

Tesla also has workshops, which often have a showroom with them. We recommend that you find a Tesla location near you and make an appointment for a test drive. Here you can have everything explained to you in detail.

Is Tesla worth the money?

You have to decide for yourself whether an electric car from Tesla is really worth the money. If you decide to buy a Tesla, you have to be aware that this company simply works differently than the established German manufacturers.

Even during the ongoing order, before you ever have the car in your hands, changes in production can happen all the time. These can please some customers and not some. Other car manufacturers would bring different versions on the market here. Tesla, on the other hand, changes the cars during ongoing production.

Price: When it comes to the price, the Tesla Model 3/Y in the respective standard variants with the range and the functionalities is unbeatable at the current price. This applies to the basic variant, i.e. black seats, white or black color outside.

Software: Even if Tesla's software is often criticized, the overall package is still the best. The screen size and the controls of the car are flawless and make driving a Tesla an experience.

Repairs: Basically, the Tesla models last a very long time and unless you are involved in an accident, you will not spend much time in workshops. However, you should be aware that Tesla is not well positioned in the spare parts sector. This can lead to long waiting times if there is an accident. Tesla is already working on this problem. You should be aware of this when buying a Tesla.

Other variants: Of course there are also the LR and Performance variants. For some they are too expensive and others find it a good deal. The acceleration of an electric car is already very fast, which means that a performance variant is more "gimmicky" and therefore, if at all, the long-range variant is still a good alternative for the current price. The variant mentioned is particularly interesting for frequent drivers.

What are the problems with a Tesla

If we look at the challenges/problems with a Tesla, the list is actually very short. As mentioned above, there are currently missing parking sensors. Furthermore, there are always isolated technical problems that can occur. If you look at the current sales figures, the error rate is still quite low.

The quality of the cars from China is very good and it's also slowly getting better from Grünheide. Especially if the production of a new product has just started, we recommend waiting a little.

When you look at the Tesla brand, you have to like the way it communicates. It's not always easy when you need someone from Tesla. Communication is adventurous at times, but has improved in recent years.

Of course, the Tesla brand is also very much in the focus of the media. As a result, a single customer problem is often turned into a big problem. A production error or problem with a component quickly looks like a problem with any car. We recommend keeping a cool head here.


Basically, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. Buying a Tesla is an experience and not what you are used to, that also applies to the time you own the car.

But before you want to buy Tesla, you should be aware of the points mentioned.


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