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Tesla Camping all the details you need to know Summer is almost here and Europeans are keen to travel. There are many short vacations coming up, but your Tesla is a very underestimated way to sleep comfortably and well. Tesla has developed its own Tesla Camping Mode for this purpose. So how can you turn your TESSI into a perfect camping Tesla? We will reveal all the details in this article. This article deals with all functionalities as well as gimmicks and products to turn your TESSI into the perfect excursion/holiday mobile. As a leading Tesla accessories provider, we can offer you the perfect product combinations here. Why are the Tesla Model Y and Tesla Model 3 good for camping...

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The best Tesla accessories for your Tesla

Introduction Would you like to equip your Tesla with the best Tesla accessories and at a fair price at the same time? Then you are right here! As the leading Tesla accessories provider, we are committed to serving the needs of Tesla drivers with the best Tesla accessories on the market. This list of products is just a small selection of our entire range. We will publish more articles with themed products for the Tesla Model 3/Y. All products are shipped from our warehouse in Germany. Electronic parking disc Especially in electric vehicles, a parking disc is required very often. Whether visiting the supermarket or at charging stations with a time limit. The parking disc starts measuring the time automatically...

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Why the electronic parking disc is the perfect electric car accessory

An electronic parking disc is the logical step when driving an electric car. The old parking discs, which you have to set manually whenever you need them, are no longer up to date. In the following guide you will learn why an electronic parking disc is the perfect electric car accessory. What is an electronic parking disc? A electronic parking disc as the name suggests is powered by a battery and has some automated functions that make your daily life easier. The parking disc is powered by a battery and is attached to the windscreen. This ensures that the time is clearly visible during a check. How does an electronic parking disc work? The electronic parking disc replaces the common...

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Tesla Vision Update - A solution for the parking sensors is imminent

In the last few months, parking sensors have been a dominant topic. Now there are first signs that a solution is on the way. For European customers, however, there is still no certainty as to when the update will come exactly. Who gets the update? At this moment, the update is being rolled out to FSD Beta users in the US. It is a well-known way for Tesla to roll out a software update piecemeal. It is not yet clear when the software update will be available for us in Europe. A logical step would be testing in a small group of users and then rolling it out among all FSD beta users who do not have parking sensors. After...

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Why you should buy a Tesla & how it works.

Have you always wanted to buy an electric car? Or have you already thought about buying a Tesla as your next car? Then you are right here. We explain in detail why you should buy a Tesla and how it works. We will discuss the following points as follows Why you should buy a Tesla Is it the right time for a new Tesla? Where can I buy a Tesla Is Tesla worth the money? What are the problems with a Tesla Why should you buy a Tesla There are many reasons to buy a Tesla. Of course, the main focus is on becoming part of the movement with an electric car, which sees no future in combustion engines. Sustainability:...

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